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Laptops and computers are important gadgets that add ease and automation to our lives. But when these devices stop working like they should, it cannot just make our work tedious but even put many of our important works to hold. At ICareFix

Stress Free Warranty Services

You can approach our repair experts with your problem and we can easily diagnose the problem to find the best solution. Our repair experts can easily troubleshoot all types of problems for your laptops, computers, and all in one PCs of any make, model or brand. We deals in Laptop Repair in Kuwait.

Our Advanced ESD Implemented Service Center are Protecting Sensitive Components on your devices  whether your device has a broken screen, experienced liquid damage, is not turning on or has some software problem, we assure you that we can make your laptop or computer as good as new in the shortest time. For problems like LCD replacement regarding broken screen, junk displays, or battery replacement due to battery draining fast, not charging or overheating, we can provide same day repair. We render the quickest motherboard services for no power, water damage, etc., and also resolve connectivity issues like network issue, WiFi issue, Bluetooth issue etc. Get in touch with us now to get reliable laptop computer repair service in Kuwait. 



We offer the most reliable laptop repair service in Kuwait and that too at competitive charges


We offer the most reliable Computer repair service in Kuwait and that too at competitive charges

All In one Pcs

We offer the most reliable All in one PCS repair service in Kuwait and that too at competitive charges

Broken Screen

Liquid Damage

Won't Turn On

Software Solutions


Same Day
  • Broken Screen
  • Touch Not Working
  • Junk Displays


As Soon As Possible
  • No Power issues
  • Water Damages
  • Other Problems


Same Day
  • Draining Fast
  • Not charging
  • Over Heating


As Soon As Possible
  • Network Issue
  • WIFI Issues
  • Bluetooth issues

Get help from the Most advanced Technical Support Team